Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ok so I was one day late but we can do it!!!!!!

Here is our sketch for this week remember it is to be in by Sunday!!!!  I look forward to beautiful pages!  Sorry it is blurry but this is my first time!

So let's get to Scrapping!!!!!  I am really excited once I finish mine I will post it for you and when you are ready post yours.!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

OOOOOoooo I have a great idea!!!!

Wanna know my idea?????

Follow me subscribe to my blog and YOU can enter contests and win prizes,

I used to belong to 52 weeks 52 sketches but they are no longer on the web..  I am going to use their idea and post sketches every Monday they will need to be in by Sunday each week I will have a Grand Prize and a Runner Up!!!!!!!!!

Let's do it!  

Look for my post tomorrow!!!!   Good things to come!!!!

Pam Loves 2 Cre8: Sunday Sketch

Pam Loves 2 Cre8: Sunday Sketch

Sunday Sketch

Sunday Sketch

Rainy Day Blues!!!!

Is it just me or do any of the rest of you have the rainy day blues????  I played the Wii for a bit went to my scraproom for a bit I need someone to come over so we can scrap together.. 

Anyone  up for coming over and scrapping?

I'm sure by the end of the day I will be posting pics of someone and me scrapping! 

As for now I will go through the items I purchased from Michaels last night for Customer Appreciation night.....

If anyone wants to online crop I am up for that too!

My yahoo IM is!!!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

What to do??????

Ok...... here is my decision.... HELP!!!!!

The company that I wanted to work for is not hiring now.  So........

Should I go for Stampin Up!!!!!!!!??????? Which I love?

OR wait?  

I have a friend who is willing to help with the stampin I think that is the route I will take.  What do you think???

What a mess??????

Wanna play I Spy?????
This room has got to come together soon.. 
Thought about having friends come over but 
that is too much what goes here? Where
does this go? You know what I mean!!!!!

I did manage to make a 4 x 6 album for one of my friends and a  layout for another one and I am finished making my first set of All Occasion Cards though I sent one to my Grannie and one to Joe's mom!!!!!!(MIL)  

I take a pic of those, Hold On!!!!!!!!!

My Favorite is the cherry!  What's yours?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WOW what can I say? I have been busy!

 Phase 2 is finished now on the phase3 the fun part ORGANIZATION!!!!!!  This will be like Christmas!  Stick around to see other items I have made and what wonderful Ideas I have for the storage room!  

Do you have stamp inks laying in 
 baskets or in a place where you wish you could get the up and off the floor, table, counter?..... Hold that thought I have  a great idea for stamping inks........ Next blog I will talk to you about great ideas that will cost under $5.00!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pam Loves 2 Cre8: Tile Floor

Pam Loves 2 Cre8: Tile Floor: "Seriously I am having tile laid in my scraproom I feel as if I am having withdrawals..... What to do? I pulled a few things off ..."

Tile Floor

Seriously I am having tile laid in my scraproom I feel as if I am having withdrawals.....  What to do?  I pulled a few things off the book shelves and I made a card and painted some wooden flip flops for my son's girllfriend's birthday....forgot to take a picture  was so upset I had to keep going into my room and look for stuff but most of it is scattered all over the house.... UGH!!!!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Key Rings or Initial Purse tags

Today I have been busy.  I enjoy working in my scrapbook room.  I wanted to make a gift for 3 special people so I decided to make a keychain/Purse tag.

I simply cut a tag out of Tim Holtz Grunge board. Make a hole in the top and gather my toole and ring.
I placed them in the stamp pad and rub them to get a nice distressed look.

Then I pick their initial our of grunge board and did the same technique with the stamp pad only putting a bit more. 

I then added the letter with glue and placed it whereever I felt it needed to go.

After this part I let it dry for about 5 to 10 minutes depending on the glue you use.

This is my favorite part, STICKLES, I put the stickles in random places so it will sparkle.

I begin the ring and toole simply open the ring cut small pieces of toole to match your tag and tie 3 pieces of toole on the ring, I mixed colors and they look amazing.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Baskets 40% off at Michaels,  This is a wonderful time to stock up on baskets for your scrapbook room.  I personally have shelves they fit on and I label them with tags that I have made...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WOW it has been a while

Where has the time gone? I have been ill for a while and have moved a couple of times but it is time to get back to blogging and giving you all great ideas for

your scraproom and scrapbook pages ideas for your home as well!!!

There are so many websites and blogs that you can go to these days please check my blog on a daily or weekly basis as I will be updating wonderful ideas for all your scrapbooking and card making as well as great projects for your home.

Now that I have moved into my new house I have taken over the garage as my scraproom. Check daily for updates.